Specialized in the manufacture of quality robots, Neoditech has been offering reliable solutions for several years now to make it easier for workers in companies. These include articulated arms, industrial manipulators and ergonomic assembly stations. In this context, Neoditech is the unique platform to contact to equip your companies and industries with robotic tools.

Neoditech, the specialist in industrial articulated arms

The manipulator arm is a particular type of programmable robot whose essential role is to perform some of the most delicate human tasks. Operating like a real human arm, the manipulator arm is nevertheless distinguished by its precision and automation. To this end, it is a very important tool for companies and other industrial companies, and that is why getting it will only relieve your workers even more.

Scara: industrial articulated manipulator arm

Do you need an articulated manipulator arm? Neoditech offers you solutions that are well adapted to your needs. What are your preferences? Industries and some specialized companies in France have a weakness for the Scara articulated manipulator arm. A revolutionary robot from Neoditech, this technological jewel stands out for its many qualities:
fluid, thanks to its joints on double pivots;
easy to use thanks to its very quick handling and intuitive use;
easy installation on site thanks to its numerous versions of mobile bases;
In addition, with a handling capacity of up to 100 kg and a range of about 2 m, the Scara articulated arm is absolutely what you need for your company. Indeed, this impressive load capacity has the advantage of reducing the MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) that are very common in today’s industrial environment. In addition, the comfort and safety of your agents is at stake.

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bras articule industriel

Neoditech, conceives lifting devices

An important handling tool, a lifting device is a device used to lift more or less heavy loads. Generally, the latter are not within the reach of men or would require several people to dwell on them to lift them. It is in this context that a lifting device intervenes to facilitate the task of workers and therefore promote good working conditions. To this end, on behalf of your company, Neoditech offers a fairly efficient lifting device with good malleability.

PM1400 stem: mobile and ergonomic lifting device

Are you looking for a lifting device? The PM1400 stem is a lifting device designed by Neoditech. Renowned for its ergonomic design, it is highly appreciated by Neoditech’s many customers for its many qualities. To this end, it will be found in many companies, particularly those in the following sectors: metallurgy, aeronautics, automobile manufacturing, logistics, packaging, general industry, etc. To this end, what are its capacities? The PM1400 lifting device has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg with its gripper. In addition, thanks to its stem, it can reach a height of 2300 mm to 3500 mm. Very easy to use, the PM 1400 lifting device also adapts to different types of grippers, such as hoists or lifting tubes. These various advantages make the PM 1400 lifting device one of the most efficient lifting equipment on the market. To this end, as soon as you express the need for this type of technical tool, Neoditech is the firm that you must absolutely contact.

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Neoditech, ergonomic assembly station

Whether it is for matting, assembling various parts or welding, the ergonomic assembly station is an important material for companies with large assembly lines. Indeed, as its name suggests, the ergonomic assembly station has a specific role within an assembly line. Neoditech offers you an ergonomic assembly station that you will appreciate.

ERGO360 °: Neoditech ergonomic assembly station

For those who have already experienced the ERGO360° ergonomic assembly station, it is one of the best on the market. Indeed, Neoditech’s ergonomic assembly station is extremely impressive for its technical capabilities. Moreover, most of the companies that have equipped themselves with them prefer it for its many possibilities of orientation from multiple angles. To this end, unlike some industrial manipulators, the worker or technician has the possibility to raise, lower, swivel or even tilt a part in a flexible way. In addition, its capacity of 200 kg maximum makes it the ergonomic assembly station to have within your company. With its touch screen and ability to memorize certain positions, the ergonomic ERGO360 ° assembly station is ideal for mounting and assembling components, electrical wiring or deburring parts, etc.

Created in 2007, Neoditech is renowned for the quality of its equipment. With an irreproachable know-how and a deep sense of the safety of engineers and other workers, it is the platform capable of providing you with industrial handling equipment adapted to your needs.

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