Manipulator for Picking Areas 50 kg and 100 kg

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Advantages of Manipulator for Picking Areas

Smooth operation

With its multi-pivot articulations, the Manipulator for Picking Areas features extremely fluid horizontal movements with no loss of rigidity.



Embedded on electric pallet truck the manipulator for picking aeras can move easily. Autonomous in electrical energy and vacuum, it has a load capacity of 100 kg maximum for a radius of 2 m..


Easy to use

The manipulator for picking aeras is guided by the operator, he seconds the human arm. Its handling is very fast and its intuitive use. The movements are precise, regardless of the load on board. It allows manipulations of parts stored in racks, under smooth, overcoming constraints of cantilevering. Its fluid design on double pivots limits the feeling of charge to wear, the user can focus on his job.