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NEODITECH designs and manufactures ergonomic industrial machines useful for the precise and technical positioning of parts and tools. These devices assist operators with handling and lifting. They contribute to a definite improvement in productivity, as well as to the systematic reduction of the risk of musculoskeletal disorders among workers. They allow you to work more for much less effort. The efficiency of our solutions has convinced several renowned companies to entrust us with their projects for step-lift handling arms, assembly stations, mobile jibs, assembly stations, etc. All NEODITECH equipment is designed with expertise, and its effectiveness remains recognized by all. Lifting is one of the company’s specialities. As a result, it has developed the PM1400 mobile stem, and all our customers’ testimonials on this product converge and confirm its high performance.



The PM1400 stem, a mobile and ergonomic lifting system
This lifting system has all the characteristics of a mobile and above all ergonomic lifting system.

Lifting system PM1400: a swivelling, adjustable stem….

This lifting system is the ideal equipment for the safe handling of bags, cartons, etc. It has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg with the gripper. This adjustable stem allows a height from 2300 mm to 3500 mm. The user adjusts it according to his working parameters. Its multi-pivot articulated arm reveals it as a pivoting stem with great mobility and fluidity of movement. Thanks to its battery-powered electric wheel, it has an energy autonomy when travelling. Different grippers are perfectly suited to it: lifting tubes, hoists, etc. Regardless of the gripping tool, it can easily be combined with tilting and rotating functions. These different characteristics make the PM1400 lifting system one of the most efficient lifting equipment available on the market.

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An ideal stem against TMS

Operators often perform repetitive gestures and manoeuvre heavy loads. These working conditions can easily lead to musculoskeletal disorders with a significant reduction in the company’s productivity. The PM1400 lifting system is the required solution with many ergonomic features. It allows a significant improvement in working conditions at the operator level. Indeed, this swivel arm remains easy to handle and adapts to the operator’s needs, even in a restricted environment. Its ability to grasp the boxes from all angles, in front or from above, makes the user’s task much easier. Thanks to its sensitive handle, the operator guides it with ease and makes just a slight effort to move several kilograms of load. Undoubtedly, this adjustable stem helps to adapt the work to the operator. Very ergonomic, it adapts to the user’s expectations and physique. It offers comfort to the operator who can now work in the best position and at the height that suits him.

The PM1400 lifting system greatly reduces the risk of MSDs for operators whose muscular efforts are significantly reduced. It also contributes to a significant improvement in your company’s productivity.

PM1400 stem, a versatile lifting system

The use of this lifting system does not require any civil engineering. It integrates perfectly with existing production equipment and your industrial environment. This lifting system is available in several models (by pallet truck or on autonomous electric wheel). As a result, this manipulator arm can be used on several workstations for different tasks. It offers a versatile and adapted solution to the many lifting problems in industrial environments. This lifting system is very essential in several sectors of activity: metallurgy, aeronautics, automobile manufacturing, logistics, packaging, general industry, etc.

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