In industrial environments, many solutions are now available for lifting and handling loads. The Neoditech brand is at the heart of this market thanks to its innovative range of lifting equipment. To reduce the risks associated with manual handling (TMS) and optimize the productivity of your teams, we offer you lifting equipment for a wide range of applications. Discover with us several stress support solutions that will suit your industrial organization.


Neoditech, a professional handling aid

Neoditech is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of lifting and handling equipment. Thanks to the expertise of our robotic technicians, we provide companies with industrial solutions related to the ergonomics and safety of their teams. Compliance with regulations and safety standards is an imperative that guides each of our constructions. This is why we have chosen to design and develop all our products in France, in accordance with the technical certifications in force. We meet your needs with simple, easy-to-handle lifting equipment with durable performance.


Discover our wide range of lifting equipment

For handling operations in particular, Neoditech offers a range of load handling arms and tools without a stem. Our lifting equipment is specially designed to support loads of all capacities and can also be used for handling heavy parts. To optimize handling in your warehouses, we offer you among other things:

  • The SCARA arm weighs 50 kg;
  • The SCARA Titan arm 100 kg;
  • The mobile handling bracket 70 kg;
  • The PE0501, ERGO360 assembly station, etc.
  • Our lifting equipment is used in many industrial applications: from parts assembly to electrical wiring and deburring work. It is also designed to minimize defects and anomalies.

The PM1400, the ideal equipment for safe handling

Among the range of lifting devices from Neoditech, the PM1400 model incorporates innovative solutions in terms of ergonomics, safety and time saving. This industrial manipulator is compatible with many grippers and has a load capacity of 70 kg. It is perfectly autonomous, and its multi-pivot articulated arm guarantees precision and fluidity in the execution of movements within a radius of 2 metres. This lifting equipment can operate in a reduced environment and be used to move loads (packaging, cardboard…). It can be useful in different production environments, ranging from general industry to companies specializing in plastics processing and packaging. Like most products in the Neoditech range, the PM 1400 is ideal for preventing MSDs in your workers.

A handling crane specially designed to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

The development of MSDs in an industrial environment is the result of a combination of organizational factors. In concrete terms, MSDs are due, among other things, to the frequently adopted postures, the repetitiveness of gestures or the concentration of efforts on certain limbs. As the guarantor of the health of your teams, it is your responsibility to create sustainable work situations and provide ways to prevent MSDs.

The PM 1400 is the equipment you will need to prevent these occupational diseases (numbness, tendonitis, epicondylitis…). By adapting its operation to the needs and morphology of the user, this lifting equipment promotes better ergonomics and helps to prevent the occurrence of long-term disabling situations for your workers.